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Established in 1918, Sukhi Prasad Satyanarayan Jewellers is one of the most esteemed & trusted jewellery manufacturers and retailers of Diamond, Gold and SilverJewellery, and Solitaires in Jamshedpur. A strong emphasis on exquisite craftsmanship, superior quality and exceptional customer experience has allowed us to maintain our position as a top leading jewellery brand. We have our presence in retail jewellery stores of Jamshedpur, where we are eager to show you our entire range of products to win your heart and tie a bond of friendship, trust and confidence.


Purity and Honesty are the crown jewels at Sukhi Prasad Satyanarayan Jewellers. From the hand crafted jewellery by karigars to automated machines running continuously, the highest level of quality checks are implemented to ensure par excellence. Our showrooms are equipped with the world's latest computerized equipment, to detect foul mixing of iridium/ruthenium and various other group of metals to ensure the ultimate purity, quality, and transparency, you deserve.
Inculcated in our ethical beliefs and fundamentals, we will forever adhere to our promises of purity, superior creations and to delight every customer equally and honestly.


We have possibly the widest range of plain, multi-coloured, solid and hollow, machine-made and hand-made jewellries crafted by our latest machines & innovative artisans, ranging from 18 carat to 22 carat. We offer you the latest gold jewellery designs from across the country ranging from traditional to contemporary designs, so that you can always find what you are looking for


When you shop at Sukhi Prasad Satyanarayan Jewellers, you can always be assured of the highest quality standards. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, all our products undergo stringent quality checks before they reach you so that you can get the quality you deserve. We are an ethical company and we adhere to the highest code of conduct and business practices. Not just competitive but also honest, each product we offer is open to scrutiny. You can view the complete product details right down to individual weights and sizes.
We offer free shipping to our customers all over India. All goods are insured by us until they reach you, to deliver your order safely and securely. If ever you wish to return your old jewellery purchased from us, you can either exchange the product or get a refund for its current value.
We welcome you to witness an entire new world of Gold, Diamond & SilverJewellery backed by world class manufacturing techniques, elegant designs & innovation in the warmth of a personalized buying experience.